Planning a business creatively

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When you set out to create a business the first step should be inspiring, thoughtful and fun. Although most proper businesses have all started with the creation of a business plan they tends to be a slow and tedious process. But it can be done differently, a business plan can be exciting, emotional and filled with surprises if it’s done creatively.

When I formed LiFT Studios in 2007 I went through the process of writing a business plan as any diligent person would. I have to admit it wasn’t that much fun. You would think it would be a good time, after all if done correctly, it’s about your aspirations and dreams. I looked at many templates online and reviewed my notes from taking Canada’s government program for Entrepreneurs and Self Employment in 1997. It wasn’t painful but it certainly lacked excitement and I promised myself that I would revisit the business planning process each year to reassess the business.

It’s now that time in the year when I reevaluate the business and see if the company goals align with my own. This is also an opportunity to readdress the businesses objectives and make LiFT better. This time I’ve introduced a few new variables to the process – a few books have been add to the toolkit and a couple of smart people have been invited to participate.

I’ll be adding to this posting as more unravels. For now the first of the books is summarized here.

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