A Plan for my Raspberry Pi

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I’ve made a list of services and selected the one that seemed to be the most suitable for the Raspberry Pi. Here’s what I hope to install:

  1. Raspberry Pi Linux distribution :
    I need an optimized distribution that is minimalist to install after the maximum of services. I found the distribution Moebius . Once installed on the card, the partition will be extended to occupy any space. The system starts up very quickly and at first boot only 28MB of RAM is used.
  2. File Sharing :
    The most used services are Samba and NFS. On one side NFS seems to be less resource intensive but a little more complex to implement especially for a simple home network. At home we have Windows, Mac and Linux so I left the option Samba
  3. FTP :
    This service is convenient but we need to take into account the resources to implement. I found vsftpd that seems to fit my needs
  4. SSH :
    The linux OS can provide this service but dropbear seems requires fewer resources
  5. Web server :
    There is the classic Apache but it is based on a system of consumer threads. Servers Nginx and Lighttpd are less greedy. My choice is Nginx, as it is used by most web clients so it will support PHP php5-fpm . Regarding CGI scripts I have not been able to find how to deal with php5-fpm so I installed fcgiwrap.
  6. Monitoring :
    I wanted elements main monitor of the system memory, disk space, CPU, network, etc. I found Monitorix which has a web interface to a CGI script. But now that I’ve looked into installing it I find that monitoring still takes a lot of resources especially since I need a CGI wrapper for him. I’ll investigate another option soon
  7. Plex or another Music Server:
    I’ve been using Plex on my MacMini for about two years now and it’s great. There are many web clients (light or full). Client175 seems to me not bad and lighter.
  8. Airplay :
    There’s a tool called shairport
  9. Torrent :
    I chose rtorrent . The good news is that it is easy to configure. The bad recompile Nginx to include support for SCGI access remote Web clients. For the Web client I went on wTorrent .
  10. Timemachine :
    I’m going to install avahi and activate the associated service to save data from your Mac to the Raspberry Pi Home Server as if there was a Time Capsule at home.
  11. DLNA :
    The service which consumes fewer resources seems to be minidlna
  12. No-IP.org :
    I found the inadyn client
  13. Cloud :
    ownCloud of course
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